Security Related Frequently Asked Questions

Account Verification, Age Verification and Documents

Why do you request identity verification documents? How and where can I verify my account? Why do you require me to provide proof of bank account ownership? Why should I provide identity verification documents? How do I know if the documents I am sending will be acceptable? What is the best way to send verification documents? How do I use the Live Document Capture/Upload Tool? What type of government photographic issued ID is acceptable? Can I open an account if I live outside the Czech Republic? As a foreigner living in Czech Republic can I play on Help! I did not submit my documents on time and my account is closed. What can I do now? I feel unsure about sending verification documents to you.

Security – Deposit problems

I have attempted to make a deposit on my account and I receive an error message stating that Deposits and Cashouts are disabled on my account. Why is this? I have sent you the copy of my ID, yet I still cannot deposit. Why am I being asked to provide details regarding my association to another player? Why do you ask these questions in order to allow me to deposit?

Security – Purchase limit increases

How do I increase my purchase limits? I have restricted my own deposit limits, but I did not know that my previous deposits would count against my new limit. Can this restriction be removed?

Security – Cashouts/Withdrawals

I am trying to cashout; however, I get a message instructing me to contact Security. I am trying to cashout; however, the method/account I am being offered by default is no longer a valid option for me. How do I get it removed from my account to stop it showing up in the ‘Cashier’? I will be submitting my cashout request from a country other than the one registered in my Stars Account. Is there anything I should do? How many pending cashout requests can I have at any one time? Can I cancel my pending cashout request? Can I change my mailing address after I have submitted my cashout request? I am unable to locate my cashout in my account transaction history and I have not received notification that the request was cancelled. I am trying to cashout back to the same VISA card I have used to deposit. Why is the VISA option not available for me? How long will it take to process my cashout?

Security - Changes to account information and registered details

Is it possible to change the name on my account? What must I do to change the registered country in my account? How can I update the registered home address in my account? How can I update my date of birth? My bank account number has changed – how can I update it?

Security – Generic account information and account security

How many accounts am I allowed to have? Can I share my account with someone else or use someone else’s account to place bets with you? How can I close my account? How can I increase the security of my account? I think a player has got multiple accounts. Will you do something about this? How can I identify false (Spoof or Phishing) emails?

Security – Account access and login problems

I have forgotten my Stars ID. What must I do? I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it? I cannot log on my account. I receive an internal error message 71/1001? When I try to log on my account, I receive an internal error message 102/1001 or 164/1001 or 165/1001 or 109/1001.

Security – Contacting the Security Department

I have sent multiple emails to you and I have not received a reply. When will you reply to my emails? Since Security has failed to reply, I will email another department. I need to speak to someone in Security. What is your phone number? What form should I fill out when requested to validate my credit/debit card?

Collections – Settling negative balance

I have a negative balance on my account. What do I do to settle it? The deposit options available to me in the Cashier have recently changed. Why? I have received an email telling me I owe money, how can I be sure this is the case? I received an email saying I owe an amount that I have never deposited; I would never deposit such amount, why do I owe it? I received an email saying I owe an amount including cents; I did not deposit in cents why do I owe a value that is not rounded?

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

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